Teacher Appreciation & Support

Classroom Parent Representatives – Current Chair: Executive Board

Every Month! We are designating one parent volunteer from each class to be our Home and School Representative to the class. The Class Representatives should check in with the teacher monthly to see if the teacher needs anything or has any event coming up that we can help them plan, find volunteers, and supply materials or food. The purpose is not to be helicopter parents or nosy, but to provide teacher support. The Class Representative will also be responsible for organizing random teacher appreciation gifts and acts of kindness for the teacher. Class Representatives will meet monthly via zoom to discuss any needs and give ideas to other representatives.

2021-2022 Class Representatives

  • Mrs. Carmen/Mrs. M –
  • Mrs. Rachel – Melissa Kroenke
  • Mrs. Langan –
  • Daycare: Danni –  
  • K – Spencer: Kelly Cameron
  • K – Wemhoff: Becca Noyd
  • 1 – Ferguson: Jackie Ternus
  • 1 – Svehla: Juliana Kock
  • 2 – Linda Micek: Carrie Kearney
  • 2 – Brezenski: Melissa Plummer
  • 3 – Bruns: Lynn Heinrich
  • 3 – Bartholomew: Sarah Doerneman
  • 4 – Harsh: Melissa Kroenke
  • 4 – Bogus: Kendra Augustine
  • 5 – Halligan: Jennie Krueger
  • 5 – Ann Micek: Casey Bailey
  • 6 – Strecker:

Look for an initial Bloomz message from your child’s classroom representative!

Classroom Grants – Chairs: Executive Board

August 2021. Classroom Teachers have access to Grants $150 in value to utilize within classrooms. Money can be used for anything the classroom needs to assist and celebrate students.

Lucky to Be Your Teacher -Chair(s): Executive Board and Classroom Representatives

St. Patrick’s Day – How lucky we are to have such fantastic and dedicated teachers at St. Isidore. To show our teachers how lucky we indeed are, we facilitate teacher appreciation for St. Patrick’s Day. Classroom Representatives co-chair this event to to support and appreciate our teachers with words of affirmation and prayer. Please look for a email or Bloomz post from classroom representatives which will include ways to get involved.

Fall & Winter Conferences Teacher Meals – Current Co-Chair(s): Brooke Wegener

September & February. Our teachers deserve truly the best! They give so much of themselves to our students and we want to show our appreciation! We provide two meals, one for each conference day. In years past, we utilized a potluck format, but this year we had food delivered from local restaurants.


Facilitation of Teacher & Staff Christmas Scrip Gift Cards – Current Co-Chairs: Cathy Wadas and Deirdre Schoenfelder

December. This past year we surveyed the teachers and they all agreed they would most appreciate receiving Scrip Gift cards versus individual student gifts. Home and School organizes these group classroom Christmas gifts for our teachers and school staff. We also provide a monetary reserve to make sure all of our staff receive Scrip. This is a great fundraiser for our school because a percentage of the Scrip purchases come directly back to our school.

Week of the Young Child – Current Chair:

April. A week of celebrating out amazing Preschool Teachers & Childcare Staff. Showering our teachers with love and gratitude!

Teacher Appreciation Week – Current Chair: Paige Young

May. A week of celebrating our amazing teachers. Showering our teachers with love and gratitude!