Home & School Meeting Minutes – 12/07/2021
In attendance: 4 Executive Board members and 8 additional parents
Erin did School Board meeting review:

  1. Reviewed new H&S Bylaws—School Board said all looked good, but wanted to add a requirement
    that any new items added to the budget exceeding $500 would require a majority vote from H&S
  2. Landscaping—H&S doesn’t want to be financially responsible for maintaining. Need to see if church
    will fund. Need more clarification on what the church wants us to do, like maintaining the plant
    beds on the sides of school, planters and keep rubber chips off sidewalk. We are searching for
    someone to chair a “Beautify Isidore” Committee.
  3. Shrimp Peel—Where does/has money gone? We need to be raising money for a specific reason
    (what do parents want for their kids?). School Board was asked if the SP should fund H&S budget
    and the majority said yes. Now need to figure out how that works now. Should a % go directly to
    H&S, fund the full budget only, only receive money from ticket sales or auction items…. Also
    discussed fundraising options, should we do raffles or auctions? Capital campaign will go to cover
    all repairs needed to the school in order to keep our insurance coverage. It was brought up to put
    additional funds into a “Grant” like program, where teachers can request funds to cover their
    special needs. Does each class need a smart TV, projectors, sound system? Mrs. Cattau made a
    request for a full time IT service. It was decided that Shrimp Peel needs its own meetings to discuss
    all options.
    Other Items Discussed:
  4. St Nickolas Day—the kids loved it. Just need to add a note to the goodie bag next year explaining what
    it was for.
  5. School needs more space, especially a room for Mrs. Romberg to use next year. Took a tour of the
    upstairs storage space to see if that was a possibility. Also discussed options for the Preschool/Daycare
    to have more room.
  6. VIP Breakfast—12/21, start at 7:15. One person per kid. Decided to not request RSVP. Change name to
    “Breakfast with Deer Ones.”
  7. Staff Scrip Christmas—just need to put out a Bloomz reminder to hand in forms
  8. Father Daughter Dance—want to do electronic invites, RSVPs and payment.
  9. Artsy Haven—Come once a month to do an art project after school with kids. Any day but Wednesday
    should work for them. Want to keep it $10 or under per kid. Will need to have enough adult
    supervision. This led to a discussion about adding a variety of after school programs.
    Meeting concluded at 9:30pm