Home & School Meeting Minutes – 10/21/2021

In attendance: Executive Board and 16 additional parents

7:00—Welcome, introduce executive members with brief description of duties. Explain how all executive members and class representatives make up the voting population for issues that may arise.

Items Discussed:

  1.  Romberg Prayer Book Request—$200 for prayer books-going to look at other options, like Scrip, parents paying $1 per student or $1 out of Activity fees. Amy will be asked about other avenues.
  2. Fall Festival—reminder will be sent on Bloomz for booth requests, invite preschool. Sheets will be going home to request candy donations and to RSVP. Talked about asking Knights of Columbus to provide DJ.
  3. First Friday Donuts—this was going to be too much work to start with, so instead decided to do Breakfast with Mom/Dad, one each semester. Moms will go first, thinking December 21st at 7am, dads on maybe May 5th.
  4. Survey Results—There were 3 items voted on. 1-Would you prefer St Isidore only events, or all Catholic schools to participate:  St Isidore only won. 2-Would you prefer Preschool Easter Egg hunt to be before Easter Sunday or the week after:  before Easter won, we decided we need to talk to Father Joe/Mrs. Evans for approval. 3-Would you prefer to have mom/dad events before or after school:  before school won.
  5. Volunteer requested to run Home & School website—described current website Amanda did. No one appeared interested in taking over at this time…
  6. Planters/Landscaping—Volunteers required to keep up landscaping. Discussed asking for monthly volunteers and have students help pull weeds.
  7. Veterans Day Mass—flyer and signs might need to be made or have from previous years, follow up with Mary. November 10th.
  8. Bingo Night—might do another Bunco instead on 11/11. $260 was raised during September’s night.
  9. Restaurant Night—10/20 is Arby’s, 5-8pm. Need to add restaurant nights to school calendar and also add Home & School meetings.
  10. Book Fair—77 books donated to teachers from families. $7000 in sales, so library receives $1500 credit, $500 has already been used. Mrs. Cattau asked that we give Students of the Month Amazon gift cards to purchase books over Scholastic because of the long wait time to receive ordered books.
  11. Conference Meals Feedback—all was good, just lots of leftovers. Decided to cut food request in ½ for 2nd semester conferences.
  12. Shrimp Peal—March 4th-Laura Gassen and Erin Schmidt are Chairs. Years past, H&S ran and received money but donated most of it back to the school. School board (Nick Luchsinger) will work to get corporate/local business donations. H&S wants portion on money raised for operating budget. Discussed options: % of all funds to fund H&S budget or just a portion, like baskets and silent auction items. Is $5500 too high of an operating budget? What will money raised go to?
  13. Future of H&S—what is our purpose-to raise money, strength community between families and school??? Need to create by-laws and objectives to present to School Board, along with request for % of Shrimp Peal funds.