Home & School Meeting Minutes – 9/13/22
In attendance: Executive Board, 3 teachers and 3 additional parents

  1. Treasurer Report: Brooke gave report, said books are reconciled with just a few items outstanding.
    They have balanced the reimbursements from 2021/2022 school year. Still collecting 2022/2023 school dues,
    with 35% outstanding, many from preschool only families.
    -It was brought up to add $500 to yearly budget to provide Birthday gifts to support staff throughout
    the year. It was voted to only add $200.
  2. Class Representatives: need to have class representatives reach out to teachers if they haven’t done
    so already.
  3. Teachers’ Feedback on TVs: Some TVs are turning on randomly, but it was investigated after
    meeting and that appears to be from an update the TVs had done. The volume control on Mrs. Spencer’s TV
    was not working so her TV was replaced with a new one.
  4. New Clubs: 22/23 is going to include the startup of 4 quality clubs; Art, LEGO, STEAM and Spanish.
    Father Joe said no clubs for 4th-6th grade could take place on Wednesdays due to choir practice being at that
    -Art Club has begun and $500 of supplies purchased this year will be able to be reused next year. Erin
    Schmidt believes next year Art Club could cost as little as $300 in supplies.
    -STEAM has been planned out for the year by Brian Olberding. He said the cost will be about $75 per
    meet up. This club will be for 4 th -6 th only and be on the 1 st and 3 rd Thursday of each month. Mrs. Romberg
    volunteered to run STEAM club for K-3 rd grade. School Board mentioned if a current teacher wanted to teach a
    club, they can get paid $25/hour.
    -Spanish will be subsidized with Duolingo, which is a lot like Lexia. Discussed having 6 th grade pilot the
    program. Will have two meet ups during the year, maybe on All Saints Day and Cinco de Mayo.
  5. STEM Makerspace: it was discussed to have the 6 th grade classes test out the new Makerspace carts.
    Asked if the teachers could all check them out during a Wednesday meeting. Teachers can also take the
    moving stools to their classrooms for student who need extra movement during the day.
  6. Beautify St. Isidore: would like to add plants outside the preschool/daycare. Also need to add a
    dripline to preschool and maybe replace the one at the elementary school. Need to get quotes for these
    items. We also need to find a location and install the donated Little Library.
  7. Parent/Teacher Conferences: Discussed food options for teachers. Since there will not be school on
    the 2 nd day of conferences, we are not sure if teachers will be there to eat, so discussed options of boxed
  8. Daycare: They want a Makerspace type of cart. Would also like sensory toys for outside. The
    Daycare/Preschool was remeasured once Ms. Rachael’s room was remodeled, which due to state regulations
    moved out capacity from 27 kids to only 22. More room is needed to meet these new regulations so looking at
    options. A house was purchased near school in hopes to move the Quilting Ladies over there and open the
    Daycare basement.
  9. School Board: School Board has asked that we create a fundraiser sheet for what we raised and
    what the money was used for. The Home & School board needs to give a report on Shrimp Peel. Then a small
    description on a handout sent home to parents and more details given on Bloomz.