February Minutes:

02.16. 2021

In Attendance: Executive Board: Sarah Pillen & Amanda Taylor, Class Representatives (

Board: Sarah Pillen: Chair Amanda Taylor: Co-Chair Deirdre Schoenfelder: Treasurer. Erin Schmidt: School Board Representative.

Items of Discussion:

  1. Upcoming Events: Lucky to be our Teacher. Q2 Events: Easter Egg Hunt, Burger Bash, Resturaunt Night, Decorate the Door Contest. 6th Graduation and Preschool Graduation, Chair oppurtunities, feedback, challenges.
  2. Website Roll Out to Public. Donation and volunteer opportunities through Time. Talent. Contribution. buttons linking to Signup.com. Question/Feedback?
  3. Expense Reimbursement: Checkbook for reimbursement located at school in office. Expensify Roll Out for digital submissions, as well as digital receipt record keeping. Text Deidre for info.
  4. Event Proposal and Summary: Goal to streamline. All digital. Google Doc Access for Forms. All events must be sent for approval a min. of one month prior. Expenses to be paid within 24-48 hours of submission.
  5. New events: Fun Run, Pastries with Parents end of Springs ( early May-check Scotus grad and soccer..May 1/Month of Mary)
  6. Raise Right: Video. Incentive/ 15 second video blups vs letters… social media….Bloomz feedback

Budget: Electronic Check Register is now live on Google Docs

In Brief January: Income- Restaurant Night: Est. $300.o0, Parent Contribution: $80

Expense-Art Show $1250.00

School Board Report: Overview, delegation of responsibilties, funds, bylaws, and increase family events etc.